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Empowering Journalism and Community: Yolanda Haymon's Journey from Scholarship Winner to Associate Account Director at GDC

Driven by dedication, empowerment, and community impact, Yolanda Haymon, now the Associate Account Director at GDC, is a rising star in the world of communications. Yolanda's journey began with a humble yet significant recognition – being awarded a scholarship from the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists. This recognition not only marked her potential but also ignited a passion for storytelling that continues to shape her career and the lives of aspiring journalists and communication professionals.

Paying it Forward: Nurturing the Future of Journalism

Yolanda Haymon's commitment to journalism extends beyond her individual success. Alongside her fellow SAAHJ peers representing various media platforms – TV, digital, radio, and print – Yolanda was the Fundraising Chair for the initiative that raised an impressive $145,000. The occasion was the 25th-anniversary gala of the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists, a platform where Yolanda once stood as a scholarship recipient herself.

Supporting Aspiring Voices

This remarkable event was more than a celebration; it was a dedication to nurturing the future of journalism. With a resounding impact, over $65,000 was awarded to 14 deserving journalism students, setting them on a path that mirrors Yolanda's own inspiring journey. The gala featured none other than ABC's "What Would You Do" host and San Antonio native, John Quiñones, as the master of ceremonies, further highlighting the event's significance and reach.

Honoring Excellence and Diversity

The gala was a true celebration of excellence and diversity in journalism. Honors were bestowed upon remarkable individuals and organizations, including the Uvalde Leader-News, Diana “Dee Dee” Fuentes, the versatile actor and producer John Leguizamo, and rising star Xolo Maridueña from the recent DC Comics movie, Blue Beetle. These luminaries represent the multifaceted nature of journalism and storytelling.

                           San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists       San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists

A Call to Action: Nurturing Local Voices

In the current landscape, where information and narratives hold unparalleled power, Yolanda Haymon's journey underscores the paramount importance of local journalism. Her trajectory, from scholarship recipient to a prominent role at GDC, stands as a testament to the impact that nurturing local voices can have on a community. Now, more than ever, we need the insights, investigations, and stories of dedicated local journalists to paint a complete picture of our society.

A Continuing Legacy

As Yolanda Haymon thrives in her role as Associate Account Director at GDC, her journey remains a testament to the potential that lies within each aspiring communications professional. Her tireless efforts to empower and uplift the next generation remind us that every story has value and deserves to be told. Through her work and dedication, Yolanda embodies the spirit of storytelling – a force that shapes communities, inspires change, and captures the essence of human experience.