GDC’s mission to Inspire Change guides everything we do to connect brands with customers and audiences. Here’s the toolbox we use to do so.


Business- and industry-changing ideas don’t just come out of thin air. Beginning with research, GDC’s ideation team constantly seeks out gaps and opportunities that exist in the world around us. Rather than focusing on how things have been done, we focus on how things could or should be done. The results won’t be what you expect – and that’s the point.

Millennial Marketing

It’s the question every company and organization wants answered – how do you connect with Millennials? The Millennial market represents a shift in the entire model of marketing and communications, where the audience has more power and more of a voice than any previous generation. GDC’s team of Millennial marketing experts understands how to leverage this shift in power dynamics to break through the clutter and create allies for your brand.

Public Relations

Shaping perception is an art form. Our seasoned public relations team provides top-drawer strategic planning and crisis counsel, creative ideas, traffic-driving promotions, aggressive media relations and attention-grabbing special events. And we have a reputation for getting results.

Hispanic Marketing

The rapidly growing Hispanic market can no longer be viewed as a minority audience. Which is why GDC employs a dedicated team of multi-cultural and bilingual strategists and creatives dedicated to understanding and connecting with the growing Hispanic population. As the lines continue to blur between the general market and the Hispanic market, GDC has the knowledge, the insights and the experience to bring the buying power of the Hispanic market to your business.

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Tough negotiating and decisive planning go hand-in-hand. That’s why we put equal emphasis on creating media plans that reach the most targeted audience possible and get you the best value available.

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Digital Marketing

From website development to search engine marketing/optimization, content strategy and social engagement, GDC’s team of digital strategists, creatives and developers leverage technology to drive real-time results.

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Experiential Marketing

GDC has launched several experiential campaigns for TxDOT, each crafted in a way to deliver core campaign messaging directly to the targeted audiences. These unique experiential initiatives deeply connect the audience to your brand and create memorable impressions that actually change behavior.

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Your brand goes far beyond your identity, and when properly harnessed, it can be your most powerful asset. Through MirrorBranding™, GDC uncovers the connection point between what your organization offers and what your customers value to create a strong brand strategy.

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Consumer Research

Guesswork has no place within the walls of GDC. Led by our on-staff cultural anthropologist, our commitment to uncovering actionable insights through quantitative and qualitative research is infused throughout every stage of our process.

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Marketing Strategy

GDC’s mission to Inspire Change guides everything we do to connect brands with customers and audiences. Here’s the toolbox we use to do so.

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Creative Development

Great creative must be unique enough to stand out, clear enough to understand and strong enough to drive results. Our team of art directors and copywriters work from strategy to execution to ensure an end product that is as effective as it is creative.

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