MirrorBranding™: Rise Recovery's Journey to Unified Purpose and Impact

Rise Recovery is a San Antonio-based nonprofit organization focused on providing substance abuse recovery solutions for participants, with a strong focus on teenagers. Rise Recovery’s services are focused on the belief that when one person in a family is struggling with substance abuse and addiction, then the entire family is struggling with those issues. The programs that Rise Recovery offers involve the entire family with equal focus on the trauma and struggles each is experiencing.

Rise Recovery's model has received national recognition in the recovery community. In 2019, GDC Marketing & Ideation’s CEO, Beth Ochoa, joined the board of Rise Recovery, and our agency became fully committed to helping advance the organization’s noble and important mission.

Before becoming Rise Recovery, the organization had a long history as the Palmer Drug Abuse Program, which had a different approach altogether. Two years into the conversion, the internal audience and board members were not aligned. GDC conducted MirrorBranding™ to define the DNA of the brand and help align the organization.

Through this process, GDC was able to refine the look, tone and feel of the brand. With this and the newly defined brand DNA in place, GDC helped create communication strategies and tactics through social media, live streaming, and explainer videos to deepen the mission of the organization internally, externally, and with funders as well as standardize tactics with Rise Recovery so they could manage the day-to-day execution.

Through this collaborative process, the organization became completely aligned around where they were headed, which also became much clearer in all external efforts. Since conducting MirrorBranding™, Rise Recovery has focused on the core pillars and messages that matter and actively advancing the mission. GDC continues to support the nonprofit through communications and fundraising efforts.