Ana-Maria uses an astronaut cardboard mask. A header reads "Skyrocketing Safety: GDC's CSO Keynote Speaker at Lifesavers Conference"
Lifesavers Conference 2024: Skyrocketing Highway Safety Excellence

From April 7-9, 2024, highway safety professionals from across the nation gathered in the vibrant city of Denver, Colorado, for the annual Lifesavers Conference — the largest gathering of its kind in the United States. Among them was Ana-María Phillips, GDC’s chief strategy officer, who was a keynote speaker and brought a wealth of knowledge and strategic thinking to attendees.

Space & Travel

Ana-María's session shared insights from GDC's groundbreaking work on the Youth Occupant Safety campaign, executed in collaboration with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), focusing on the crucial intersection of research, data, and impactful campaigns. Central to her presentation was GDC's innovative space travel-themed TV spot, which captivated audiences with its imaginative approach to promoting safety. Additionally, Ana-María showcased other creative elements such as the playful space helmet collateral, designed to engage and educate young audiences about the importance of road safety and taking the extra few minutes needed to ensure infants and children are correctly buckled in a safety seat suited to their age and size. Perhaps the greatest value of the presentation, though, was a demonstration of the power of data to inform a campaign. The CPASS campaign creative and targeting was rooted in facts, not hunches, to ensure its success. 

A Space for Knowledge Exchange

With nearly 1800 attendees, Lifesavers Conference 2024 provided a platform for professionals to exchange new research findings, discuss policy initiatives, and share best practices. It served as a catalyst for empowering communities with the tools and strategies needed to enhance roadway safety nationwide. Conference leaders expressed their gratitude to Ana-María for her involvement in this effort, sharing “We appreciate all your efforts in helping to educate a new generation of roadway safety leaders and contributing to the enormous success of this year’s program.”

Attendees agreed. “It is always helpful to see how other states (like Texas) are using data.”

Another attendee said, “I was very impressed with the Texas presentation. It was thoughtful, creative and effective. In the [child passenger safety] business, we need more of that.”

To Infinity & Beyond

At the heart of it, we are reminded of the ongoing importance of innovation, collaboration, and data in the field of highway safety marketing. GDC remains committed to pushing boundaries, leveraging creativity, and harnessing the power of research to create impactful campaigns that make our roads safer for everyone.

To learn more about our campaign, visit our Save Me with a Seat blog post

Stay tuned for more updates and insights from GDC as we continue our journey towards safer roads and empowered communities. Thank you for joining us on this mission.

Ana-Maria stands with a Lifesavers Conference welcome banner