The Four People You Meet In The Comments
If you’re a business owner or marketer on social media, you probably have a love hate relationship with comments. On the one hand, lots of comments mean people are looking at your content, which is great. On the other hand, knowing how to respond or whether or not you should respond to comments can be a little intimidating. We would like to take some of the fear out of responding to the comments you get on your social channels. How you respond to each comment depends on the person you’re responding to. So, what types of people comment on blogs or social posts? At GDC, we’ve found that they generally fall into four categories: cheerleaders, downers, questioners and spammers. Each type requires a unique response. Luckily, we have a lot of experience dealing with commenters on social media pages we help manage for our clients. Through this experience, we’ve developed our own tips for dealing with the four main commenter types.
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  1. Cheerleaders
These people will comment to agree with your blog or post and cheer you on. They’re our favorite type of commenter. These wonderful people often need a little encouragement to keep the praise coming. A cheerleader will appreciate the occasional like from your social page or a grateful response to their blog comment. A simple “Thank you!” from you will inspire them to keep the praise coming. If, on the other hand, they never receive any response from you, their enthusiasm may die out. One day, you may open your socials and wonder where your favorite commenter went. If you thank your cheerleaders, they’ll keep cheering for you.