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The Spooky Tale of GDC Marketing and Ideation's Former Office on Houston Street

Embrace the eerie atmosphere of the Halloween season as we unravel the spine-tingling tale of GDC Marketing & Ideation's former office at 122 E. Houston St. in downtown San Antonio, complete with firsthand accounts from those who dared to work within its haunted confines.

The unassuming facade of 122 E. Houston St. belies the building's long and sinister history, which dates back to the late 19th century roughly 24 years after the fall of the Alamo. Originally, it served as a bustling hotel catering to travelers passing through the vibrant city of San Antonio. However, lurking behind its charming exterior was a past steeped in darkness, a precursor to the chilling reputation that would soon envelop this location.

219 e houston st exterior

The eerie legend of this place began to take shape after GDC set up shop within its walls. Initially, the occurrences were subtle: lights flickering mysteriously, drafts that seemed to have no earthly source, and the unnerving feeling of being constantly surveilled. As time passed, these peculiar incidents transformed into something far more sinister.

"Those of us whose children were raised in the GDC daycare were told that the cleaning crews after hours would empty the dishwasher and place sippy cups on a counter, then turn around and see they moved to a countertop on the other side of the kitchen," said Ana-María Phillips.

Furthermore, Phillips disclosed, "We had many cleaning crews quit because of the alleged paranormal activity."

gdc marketing and ideation

Jimmy Nichols, a GDCer of nearly two decades, recounted a particularly bone-chilling experience: "I worked really late one night by myself. I was completely alone there. I thought I heard a baby crying. I walked from my desk to more of a central location moving more towards our break room. It stopped. Once I was in the break room, it started again, and it was really loud so I ran back to my desk, grabbed my stuff, and left. After that time hearing the baby sounds, it freaked me out, so I didn’t stay late in that building anymore."

Aside from the stories shared by our staff, GDC also had the privilege of hosting Ghost Lab, a paranormal investigation team hailing from San Antonio, who documented their exploration of the building's eerie occurrences. You can view the episode by clicking here.

In the shadows of 122 E. Houston St., the past lingers, and the echoes of spectral encounters endure, making it a spine-chilling chapter in San Antonio's history.

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