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The Unveiling of the Harvey E. Najim Girls Inc. of San Antonio Campus

In the heart of San Antonio, where the vibrant culture of many communities intertwine, a beacon of change emerged in the form of the Harvey E. Najim Girls Inc. of San Antonio campus. The unveiling of this transformative space marked a pivotal moment in the mission to uplift and empower young girls facing staggering challenges.

The backdrop to this initiative was a disconcerting study titled "The Status of Girls in San Antonio," which laid bare the harsh realities endured by girls. Shocking statistics revealed that a quarter of these young girls lived in homes devoid of computers, three out of five expressed that school negatively impacted their mental health, and the income disparity between White households and their Latina and Black counterparts was stark, with the latter earning only 56 and 53 cents for every dollar, respectively.

Girls Inc. of San Antonio stood as a stalwart force against this tide of adversity. For over 30,000 girls, the organization became a haven, inspiring girls to be strong, smart and bold. More than half of these girls returned multiple times, a testament to the profound impact of the organization.

Recognizing the importance of the grand opening of the new campus, Girls Inc. of San Antonio sought the expertise of GDC to orchestrate a successful event. The challenge at hand for GDC was to handle government and public relations, ensuring that the event garnered attention from dignitaries, while also securing media coverage from both traditional outlets and social influencers.

Collaborating closely with Girls Inc. of San Antonio leadership, GDC identified key city and county leaders who should be present at the grand opening. Leveraging strategic partnerships, they worked to educate and invite these leaders, organizing private tours to provide an in-depth understanding of the new facilities and expanded programming.

To bolster the event's impact, GDC crafted press releases, media advisories, calendar listings, talking points, and scripts for emcees and event speakers. Third-party validations from media outlets and influencers were sought to enhance credibility and widen the reach of the Girls Inc. mission. The objective was clear – to create a buzz that echoed far beyond the walls of the new campus.

The results were nothing short of spectacular. The grand opening drew an overflow crowd of over 200 people, including notable figures such as the Mayor of San Antonio, city council members, and several county elected officials. For those unable to attend, three private tours were scheduled to ensure they too could witness the transformative space. The media outreach efforts paid off handsomely, generating more than $572,000 in earned media value and amassing over 14 million impressions, amplifying the impact of Girls Inc. of San Antonio far and wide. In this celebration of resilience and empowerment, the Girls Inc. of San Antonio grand opening emerged as a triumph, setting the stage for a brighter future for the young girls it serves.