Baptist Health System

As the landscape of the healthcare industry in San Antonio became increasingly competitive, Baptist Health System recognized the need to focus its efforts and refresh its brand to more meaningfully align with patients, and physicians alike. By connecting the tangible areas of healthcare that set Baptist apart with the intangible human connection that occurs at the point of care, GDC launched the “That’s Baptist Care” campaign. The message platform allowed Baptist to truly define the Baptist Care difference in the mind of the audience in a memorable and relatable manner. As a result of the campaign, Baptist went from a distant third in market share to becoming a very close second. All revenue numbers for Tier 1 service lines were achieved, and a CRM lecture series proved to be one of the most successful and measurable campaign initiatives that the system has ever run.

Resolute Health

Most healthcare systems center their business around providing “sick care” rather than “healthcare,” and they are incentivized by volume of procedures instead of by quality of outcomes. The interests of the hospitals and the interests of the patients they serve are in direct conflict. As Resolute Health was born, GDC was faced with the challenge of building a new brand from nothing, reaching multiple audience groups to educate them on this new approach, and on the importance of taking control of their own health and well-being. After evaluating both our specific geographic region and the healthcare industry as a whole, with a vast, multifaceted research initiative, GDC took newly acquired insights to organize and brand an exciting new healthcare business from scratch.

In less than three years, Resolute Health has gone from an idea on a sheet of paper to a strong, recognizable brand making a difference in the community. When the hospital itself opened in 2014, the brand was already immersed in the market and the strong brand platform GDC developed continues to differentiate Resolute Health from the competition as the company grows and expands.

Valley Baptist Health System

GDC’s success with Baptist Health System in San Antonio helped build a relationship with its corporate sibling in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas: Valley Baptist Health System. Initially, the relationship involved transcreatingthe That’s Baptist Care branding campaign for the regional audiences. In addition, to increase engagement, GDC created new experiential and service line-specific approaches to create inspired connections.


As WellMed Medical Group was expanding, they were seeking system-wide approaches to branding that could be utilized for an approaching open enrollment period.

GDC implemented our propriety MirrorBranding tool and mined target insights that helped our team steer WellMed’s messaging to develop an informed and benefit-rich campaign.