Sticks ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweeps the Web

Like we mentioned in a previous blog post about our P&G ProCamps promotion, GDC has extensive experience creating successful shopper marketing and sales promotions. This time around, we partnered with Procter & Gamble again to develop our Sticks ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweepstakes.

The concept was simple— with every purchase of at least $25 (on participating P&G products), customers immediately received a $7 discount. They also had the opportunity to register to win in the Stick ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweepstakes, which awarded one customer per day with a free Roku Streaming Stick™ and a year of free Hulu Plus to stream their favorite shows and movies. (Our new favorite includes the beloved Seinfeld, which just this week hit Hulu plus in its entirety.).

The goal of this promotion was to drive incremental sales to our specific retailers—when you can buy Charmin or Tide anywhere, what will drive consumers to purchase these brands at Albertson’s or Shaw’s over any other supplier?

In order to accomplish our goal of driving sales, we leveraged customer insights, partner relationships, and the Father’s Day holiday to develop the Sticks N’ Flicks promotion, which gave our target audience (women 25-54 with kids) the opportunity to win something for the family and become the hero this Father’s Day. With in-store point of sale tactics as well as a digital campaign that all pushed users to our Sticks ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweepstakes website, allowing us to get further shopper insights on how they are consuming media and accessing information.

The Sticks ‘N Flicks website was incredibly active throughout the promotion. In the first 18 days, over 15,000 unique users hit the site. We had 43,455 page views, almost 10,000 entries, and users spent an average of 1 minute and 17 seconds on the site. Considering that the site didn’t go live until May 29th, these results are phenomenal. During the promotion’s peak, we even made the first page of organic Google search results. This can take anywhere from months or years to accomplish, and we were competing with established sites and brands that have been around for years on end.

Due to our careful planning and logistical setup, we were able to drive sales, collect valuable consumers’ data, and give the gift of entertainment to many families and fathers this Father’s Day. Keep up with our blog weekly to learn about all the amazing work we get to do here at GDC.