How we are challenging deceptive advertising tactics in wireless

The telecommunications industry is constantly changing, and as a result, is extremely competitive. GDC was challenged by ClearTalk Wireless to help it stand out from the crowd by highlighting the freedom and value it offers to consumers. One immediate obstacle was how to overcome a deceptive boast used frequently by competitors in their advertising:  Unlimited Talk, Text and Data.

The way this phrase is worded, it reads as if “unlimited” is the adjective describing Talk, Text and Data. In reality, “unlimited” describes only talk and text, which is unlimited. However, “Data” serves as a separate thought and offer. Consumers are falsely given the impression that data is also unlimited. It’s far from it. Customers, even those paying for unlimited data plans, are only paying for a limited amount of 4G LTE data. Once that amount is reached, speed is throttled to 3G or even less for the remainder of the billing cycle. In fact, the FCC recently filed a suit against AT&T for allegedly deceiving millions of Smartphone consumers about unlimited wireless data plans.

Meanwhile, ClearTalk positions itself as wireless made simple, offering the best value to consumers with flat-rate, no-contract, unlimited plans on a nationwide network. It is the only wireless provider that truly offers uncapped 4G LTE data for one low price. It does not throttle speeds or charge hidden fees. GDC worked to turn this fact into a marketing advantage.

We collaborated with ClearTalk to call out the competition on its false advertising claims with a TV spot called “Cut the Cap.” It not so subtly exposes the “unlimited” data fine print of other wireless providers.

Later, in the spirit of highlighting ClearTalk’s “More Value and More Freedom” sales proposition, GDC created the “Sharing Sux” TV spot to shed light on the competition’s shared data scams. We featured ClearTalk’s edge in the marketplace – uncapped data plans.

One of ClearTalk’s most unique offers is phone flashing. This enables ClearTalk to transfer devices from other carriers onto its network. GDC turned to radio as a vehicle and enlisted ClearTalk personalities – Panda and Damon – to tell this story.

Now it wouldn’t be ClearTalk without wit. We created a radio spot to showcase ClearTalk’s uncapped data and customer freedom offers and introduced the Data Hoarder:

With a clear and strong marketing strategy in place, ClearTalk has been able to distinguish itself as an independent entity that empowers consumers with straightforward information and the freedom to choose and navigate mobile plans and usage. It’s an outcome that GDC is proud to be a part of.