GDC Welcomes Yolanda Haymon

How does your experience at GDC now compare to your GDC internship experience?

As an intern, I was very much in a learning position seeing for the first time how the tactics I studied were applied in the real world. Now as an Account Supervisor bringing my previous experience from a client’s perspective, I am able to jump in and take the lead in project and strategy planning.

As for the agency itself, the physical address and some of the team members may have changed, but the core values and culture have stayed the same, or even strengthened. As an intern, I always held GDC on a pedestal because of the emphasis they put on our personal strengths. That same emphasis is still present and is now accompanied by a strong dedication to personal growth for the betterment of the agency as a whole.


Which of your past jobs did you find most interesting or relevant to your current role?

My most interesting job has been as a “Hotdogger” for the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. Every year, Oscar Mayer selects 12 recent college graduates to become brand ambassadors and drivers of the six Oscar Mayer Wienermobiles that travel the United States. Known as “Yoli Bologna” during my tour, I worked as a spokesperson for the iconic vehicle and participated in over 250 events that included store openings, parades, conventions and fundraisers. The best part of the job was meeting the local community members and getting the best advice on restaurants and places to visit.


What are you most proud of accomplishing?

As an undergraduate student, I was awarded a scholarship by the San Antonio Association of Hispanic Journalists. This scholarship was special not only because of the financial assistance it gave me, but also because it was the first time my work was acknowledged and awarded by professionals in the industry I was entering.

Fast-forward a decade, I am now serving on the board of SAAHJ as treasurer working to raise funds for the very same scholarship that I was awarded. The accomplishment I am most proud of is continuing our fundraising efforts throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unable to hold our biggest fundraiser in 2020, and only having 50 percent capacity in 2021, SAAHJ’s hard-working members and generous donors pulled together to exceed our fundraising goals allowing us to continue acknowledging the hard work of emerging students in the industry during these uncertain times.


What is the best advice you have ever received?

The best advice I have received is “just go for it!” When a new opportunity presents itself, I tend to spend a lot of time weighing all the pros and cons and overthinking the situation. By following this advice, I have been able to graduate from the university I always wanted to attend, travel to some fun and interesting places and land some amazing positions in my career. It is amazing how easily you can talk yourself out of doing something, but I would much rather know that I tried rather than wonder what could have been.


What is one thing about you that isn’t listed on your resume?

Throughout my life I have been a student and performer of Mexican Folklorico, Spanish Flamenco, tap, ballet and cheer. Of all the dance types I have practiced, Mexican Folklorico has been my favorite as I started at the young age of 4-years old and continued through my college years. Through this study of dance, I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the customs and traditions that vary throughout the different states of Mexico and love the end product that melds the ornate costumes and music together on stage.