A Different Approach to Hispanic Marketing

How can we not dedicate an entire month to Hispanics? How else do we celebrate and connect with the 50+ million consumers? The demographic is huge, and the culture’s influence in US society is even greater.

Every year, from September 15th through October 15th, we proudly celebrate those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central and South America, and the Caribbean. That’s quite a vast and diverse segment, and thirty days may not seem enough time to touch on all the unique traditions, but when we focus on the commonalities such as language, family ties, faith and pride, the Hispanic culture begins to take shape as one.

Fortunately for all, multicultural marketers like GDC and other agencies in the US have learned to recognize and appreciate those common threads, a discovery that now allows for the month-long celebration to not only speak to Hispanics in their language, but also speak to them through their customs, their aspirations and their culture. GDC’s approach to Hispanic marketing is not simply to translate, but to transcreate. Standard translation services don’t effectively preserve the brand, creative and emotional intent of content that allows us to best resonate in other languages and cultures, and as an agency, to Inspire Change.

Hispanic Heritage month is a win win for all. Everyone benefits from all the activities rich in the arts, literature, gastronomy and music. And though the celebration of culture is not a rare occurrence among the Hispanic community, this national celebration is an opportunity for marketers to show this segment how much it appreciates and respects it. Not only does Hispanic Heritage Month commemorate how this culture has impacted our society, it also benefits Hispanic families at a personal level because it’s an opportunity to expose the future generations to their rich history, back home and here in their new home, inspiring a sense of pride that will continue to shape the formation of our nation.