Don’t mess with Texas®
Virtual Reality Experience

requires Vive VR system to run



Approximately 435,000,000 pieces of visible litter accumulate along Texas roads and highways, costing taxpayers millions of dollars for cleaning efforts. For thirty years, TxDOT has provided education and anti-littering messaging to the state of Texas through its iconic Don’t mess with Texas® campaign. When GDC was awarded the account, our task was to make the campaign more relevant to a younger audience.


Harnessing the latest technology and the power of gamification to reach young audiences, GDC developed the Don’t mess with Texas® Virtual Reality Experience and road tour. Using a state-of-the- art Vive virtual reality system, GDC developed a game that immerses the user in a photo-real environment on the side of a beautiful Texas road surrounded by bluebonnets.

As the user looks around, they notice three branded Don’t mess with Texas® trash barrels positioned at different distances around the field. On the ground, they see common pieces of litter, Within a given time, the user is challenged to pick up trash and toss it into the barrels, earning more points for the barrels further away. The impact of this experience is that it literally creates a game out of the action we want from our audience — to pick up trash and place it where it belongs.

The virtual reality experience was taken on the road across the state to various events in the community in a branded DMWT van. The experience was also branded with DMWT materials:

  • A Don’t mess with Texas® tablecloth
  • A Don’t mess with Texas® 10’x10’ pop-up tent
  • A branded backdrop
  • A mounted TV monitor
  • A Don’t mess with Texas® barrel
  • Tethering barrels

Onlookers watched the game in progress on the large TV monitor, which enhanced the experience and increased impressions.


Through 20 activations across the state of Texas, the campaign resulted in 938 games played and a total campaign earned media value of $3.6 million. The total impressions for all of the campaign efforts for the year reached 79,772,371.