I-Level Process 

We live in the age of “Me” media. In order to make meaningful connections, your business can no longer communicate with customers at a 30,000 foot level. We bring messaging down to a personal, or “I” level. Using our I-Level Strategic Planning Process, GDC creates the appropriate mix of strategies and tactics to connect with consumers in ways that are meaningful to each individual.

The result is the right mix of traditional and non-traditional channels to bring your message face-to-face with the individuals that are most valuable to your growth and success.


GDC Insights

Research guides everything at GDC and it all starts with GDC Insights, our full-service research arm led by our on-staff Cultural Anthropologist and Chief Research Officer, Dr. Tim Craig. Whether its gathering insightful market or consumer data needed to implement a comprehensive marketing plan or learning more about a particular audience or industry to guide the Ideation process, GDC Insights is equipped with the qualitative and quantitative tools needed to take guesswork off the table.



Certitude™ is our quantitative approach to test the effectiveness of marketing messages that allows us to identify the difference between messages that are simply popular from those that are powerfully persuasive. Before we go to market with a particular message, we use Certitude™ to gather focus-group quality information from real people in real time. And we do it fast—this process takes weeks, not months.



Why do people act the way they do? Humanalysis™ is our quantitative research approach that combines cultural anthropology, the study of people and humanity, and ethnography, an in-depth research methodology, to answer that very question. Humanalysis™ does not rely solely on common research techniques or take what people say at face value. Rather, it seeks to dig deeper and get to the core of consumers’ behavior through methodologies that immerse GDC in people’s daily lives.

Learn more about the research offerings and methodology of GDC Insights or join a research panel.



MirrorBranding™ is GDC’s branding process that cuts to the core of what makes branding effective – creating a connection point between what you do and say as an organizational and how that makes your audience feel. Ultimately, for people to connect with your brand they need to see their own values, beliefs and desires reflected in what you offer and what you stand for. That’s what MirrorBranding does and it’s a process that takes just weeks to uncover the foundational brand principles that will make your brand just as a much a part of your audience as it is a part of your organization.