MirrorBranding™: See Your Brand Come to Life

Traditional methods of Branding take months, if not years. GDC wanted to create an approach to branding that would move at the speed of the marketplace. The result was MirrorBranding™

What is MirrorBranding™?

Mirror Branding™ is a branding system based in psychology and research that allows clients to see their brand’s DNA emerge in real time. This approach gives clients actionable steps to articulate their brand in weeks, not months.

Who is MirrorBranding™ for?

New businesses seeking to define and articulate their culture and values to their consumers
Existing organizations hoping to redefine their Brand DNA and better communicate their mission.
Organizations seeking a more defined internal culture for employees and leadership.
Organizations looking to connect with their target audience at a deeper level.

Why is MirrorBranding™ is different?

Takes weeks, not months
Is Fully transparent (Clients will see their Brand DNA emerge in real time.)
Is completely actionable (Clients will be given concrete steps to reach their goals.)

Where Can I Learn More?

We would love to give you a more in depth walk through of our MirrorBranding™ process. To schedule your consultation, call Frank Guerra at
| (210) 884-8071