GDC Welcomes Denise Hernandez

With over a decade’s worth of expertise in various fields, including film production, event planning and marketing, Denise manages all GDC traffic and communication between GDC departments.

Denise began her collegiate career as a nursing student at the University of the Incarnate Word. Discovering that her interests lay elsewhere but maintaining a passion for medical science, Denise graduated from the University of the Incarnate Word with a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology.

After college, Denise began working for the San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo as a marketing assistant/executive assistant. In this role, she assisted with press visits, helped sponsors and trafficked all media buys while working closely with the Rodeo’s marketing agency.

In 2014 Denise moved to Chicago where she became an editorial coordinator for the prestigious Chicago Tribune. At the Tribune, she collected news tips at the city desk, coordinated the reporters’ and editors’ schedules and managed the paper’s significant events, including the annual Jones-Beck Awards, Nelson Algren Short Story Contest and Printer’s Row Festival.

After three years with the Tribune, Denise decided to go back to school to pursue film production. She entered the American Film Institute as a master’s student with a full scholarship in 2018. At AFI, she was a key figure on many film shoots and produced several student films herself. During this time, Denise also took several internships at Los Angeles production companies. She graduated from AFI in 2020 and continues to assist with freelance independent production management and development for various clients in LA.

Denise joined GDC Marketing & Ideation full-time in March of 2022. As traffic manager, Denise assists with creative quality control, managing product flow between account service, creative and media, and ensuring GDC projects come in on time and on budget. Because of her management role, Denise touches all GDC clients, including CPS Energy, Don’t mess with Texas ®, the Texas Secretary of State Voter outreach campaign, and WaterFleet.

When she’s not keeping everything running smoothly at GDC, she’s busy spoiling her two nieces and one nephew. Denise is also a member of a sizeable Latinx family, a pescatarian, a jogger, a yogi, a writer, and an avowed bookworm. Denise currently lives in San Antonio, Texas.