Digital Marketing era

May 21, 2015

Digital Marketing is fairly new to the advertising world, only in existence since the 1990s, and is changing and growing every day. This type of marketing not only meets consumers where they are, but follows them where they go— making it a strategic tool in any campaign. One of the unique components about digital campaigns is how easy they are to track and how insightful the report results they generate can be post campaign. Digital reporting is a large part of our online strategy at GDC. Our in-house Media Department, led by Media Director Lisa Gomez, uses its expertise to analyze these reports to drill down to best practices. These insights are then called upon when creating and tailoring digital campaigns for our clients. In this blog post, our media


Creating a visual vocabulary that stands out 

May 14, 2015

In a world of photos with quirky millennials trying to act “normal”, professional women posing with arms crossed and a confident expression, and abstract images of a retiree lounging in front of a seamless pool, one financial institution dares to break the mold. Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU), the largest credit union in Houston, came to us looking for a brand transformation. From the beginning, our approach was simple—bring TDECU’s culture and values to life by showcasing unique people receiving individualized service tailored to their personal goals and needs. Through GDC’s Ideation process, we developed compound messaging that not only called attention to current and potential members, but also introduced distinctive personal attributes within their headlines. In every instance, our goal is to keep TDECU’s messaging simple while adding


Millennials: Who are they?

May 11, 2015

With $200 billion in annual buying power, and representing the largest demographic in the workforce, without a doubt, millennials are a highly coveted target audience for brands. So much so, we have a designated team within our agency, led by our Millennial Marketing Planner Ashlyn Aschbacher, to study and track this demographic. So we posed the question to her. What is the biggest challenge brands face when marketing to millennials? Her response: understanding how to market to such a broad demographic. Sounds simple, right? It can be, but as Ashlyn and her team have learned, millennials are a challenging group to track down and have lifestyles, needs and wants that are very different from past generations. For example, they are a highly mobile group, constantly on the move and strong


How A Game Can Save A Life | De Veras

May 07, 2015

For the second year in a row, the DWI Hangovers Don’t Go Away campaign wrapped up, leading us straight into the next GDC and Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) initiative—Hispanic Impaired Driving.  Of all alcohol-related accidents involving 17-34 year old males in the state of Texas last year, 49% involved Hispanic males, confirming this demographic needs to be informed about the very real dangers of drinking and driving. Our goal? The same: decrease the incidents of drinking and driving (in this case, among Hispanics in Texas and Mexican Nationals). Our approach? A bit different. Based on initial research about the consumption of Spanish and English media among non-acculturated, semi-acculturated and fully-acculturated Hispanics, we built the campaign platform:   “De Veras” means “For real,” a term used among both English and Spanish speaking Hispanics. By attaching the colloquial tagline “De


Creating a Stronger Brand|Hope for the Future

May 04, 2015

The Lambs to Leaders Telethon, benefiting Hope for the Future, helps to raise funds necessary to provide tuition assistance to families who desperately want the best education for their children, through the gift of a Catholic school education in the Archdiocese of San Antonio. Hope for the Future is the marketing and fundraising arm of the Department Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese and helps promote the benefits of a Catholic education and provides scholarships for worthy students. Two years ago Hope for the Future asked GDC for help in creating a stronger brand and help the organization and its mission stand out in a competitive marketplace. The Hope for the Future logo also needed a fresh look: We started with Certitude research to understand of all the important messages out there, which resonated with Hope for the Future’s key


Does Your Website Tell A Story?

April 30, 2015

Think your website should just be a simple site on the web where people can go to for more information about your company? Think again. It’s a window into your company. For better or for worse, your website is often the first impression people form about your company. Is your site design too complex? Does it lack organization? Are e-commerce and mobile applications among your site capabilities? To a site visitor, these basic things can make or break a relationship. What could have been a potential business lead now has become a customer that walked away. This is where we can help, and we can tell you, it’s more than just how good does your site look and work. For 20 years, GDC’s web development team has helped companies of


Finding Strengths since 1995

April 27, 2015

Over the next few weeks, the nation will sit on the edge of their seats, following and cheering on their favorite NBA teams during the national playoffs. It’s a largely-viewed platform by which teams and coaches showcase their distinctive skills and leadership. Even with a handful of championship rings, an infamously direct Coach Pop and the “Big Three” players, one of the main traits the San Antonio Spurs are internationally known for, is their unshakable teamwork. By playing to the strengths of each fellow player, the Spurs continuously win games, playoff series and ultimately, championships. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships.” -Frank Guerra* Like our beloved Spurs, GDC has worked hard over the past 20 years to institute and maintain a culture of teamwork. We understand that not everybody can be


A Shower of Blessings and Confetti

April 23, 2015

“Where the spirit does not work with the hand there is no art.” – Leonardo da Vinci San Antonio is one of the nation’s most vibrant cities. Its culture, its hospitality, its focus on the future — these are just some of the reasons why GDC is proud to call it our home. Each year, thousands of tourists descend upon the city during Fiesta to partake in all of the fun festivities full of fellowship and tradition. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, thousands of hotel and restaurant workers, cab and carriage drivers, and many others work around the clock to ensure these visitors feel welcomed during this time by extending the warm hospitality that San Antonio is renowned for. Wanting to recognize this dedication, Saint Mary’s Catholic Church decided to host


Pachanga in the USA

In last week’s post we mentioned that we are in the middle – quite literally – of Fiesta celebrations. Along with visiting Market Square for lunch, GDC has its own office Pachanga. This tradition began only last year and it serves an opportunity for us as an agency to play games, eat, drink and be merry – true to GDC culture. Digging a bit deeper into the term “Pachanga,” we found that it means exactly how we we’ve been applying it – Party, Fun, Rowdy, Lively, Festive. To get a bit more technical, a Pachanga is a family gathering that includes a style of  dance originating from Cuba. We only had one GDCer volunteer to demonstrate how to merengue. Here it is –   Words in Spanish hold great meaning


DWI Hangovers Don’t Go Away | a soberdriving, lifesaving campaign

April 17, 2015

Here at GDC, we love springtime as much as the next guy—believe me! We look forward to bright office decorations and March Madness each and every year. But unfortunately, there’s more to the season than just beach bashes and road trips. Last year, in Texas alone, there were almost 800 DUI-alcohol related crashes during Spring Break season. These preventable accidents caused 56 serious injuries and 33 unnecessary fatalities. For the second year in a row, GDC had the opportunity to Inspire Change by working with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) to educate young adults on the dangers of drinking and driving by associating the message that DWI hangover’s don’t go away. Before developing this platform for the campaign, we conducted research indicating most college-aged adults don’t see drinking and