Sticks ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweeps the Web

June 25, 2015

Like we mentioned in a previous blog post about our P&G ProCamps promotion, GDC has extensive experience creating successful shopper marketing and sales promotions. This time around, we partnered with Procter & Gamble again to develop our Sticks ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweepstakes. The concept was simple— with every purchase of at least $25 (on participating P&G products), customers immediately received a $7 discount. They also had the opportunity to register to win in the Stick ‘N Flicks Father’s Day Sweepstakes, which awarded one customer per day with a free Roku Streaming Stick™ and a year of free Hulu Plus to stream their favorite shows and movies. (Our new favorite includes the beloved Seinfeld, which just this week hit Hulu plus in its entirety.). The goal of this promotion was to


Why is Company Culture Important?

June 18, 2015

Happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. – Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina The same can be true of a company. Every company has its own challenges and yet each has the ability to turn things around by rallying employees. Why then do so many companies struggle when it comes to building a cultural identity? It’s a question that has led companies to call on us for help. And it’s an awesome responsibility. GDC is known for its strong company culture. We’ve spent 20 years nurturing and building it. Has it always been easy? No. Has it always been an enduring presence? No – and yes! We’ll admit there were times that we let it falter. The keyword here is “we.” As GDCers, our


Albertsons ProCamps Promotion- powered by P&G and GDC

June 12, 2015

GDC’s extensive retail experience has led to the creation of successful shopper marketing and sales promotions— finding the right product mix, promotion partners and offers that resonate with the hearts and minds of customers, creating differentiation and sales See for yourself how GDC and client Procter & Gamble (P&G) leveraged once-in-a-lifetime sports experiences for kids to drive sales and traffic at Albertson’s stores across a portion of the United States. It starts with a great partnership. P&G’s relationship with ProCamps, where sports fans of all ages can get a VIP experience to interact with players like Arizona Cardinal football player Larry Fitzgerald, 2014 Super Bowl champion Rob Gronkowski, Chicago Bears  running back, Matt Forte, Philadelphia Eagles  linebacker, Connor Baldwin and Olympic Gold Medalist in soccer, Alex Morgan. Then, shopper marketing insights help


Ideation Insights: Why Market Research Should Always Drive Your Strategy

June 03, 2015

Here at GDC, we’ve completed vast amounts of research during our 20 years in the industry. We believe that insightful and actionable data is imperative to developing  comprehensive and successful marketing campaigns. We’ve done research for Fortune 100 companies, learned how to better sell water in the desert, and developed insight on political campaigns ranging from the school board office to the Oval Office. Humanalysis™ and Certitude™ are two of our proprietary research methodologies that we use to gather useful data for our clients. On top of traditional research methods like focus groups and surveys, we also participate in the lives of our subjects in order to develop a holistic, accurate understanding of their thoughts, actions and behaviors. These profoundly thorough methods include follow and shop alongs, in-depth interviews, product


Does your Agency have Creative Spark?

May 27, 2015

When it comes to choosing an agency of record, most businesses select one based on reputation, a referral from a trusted source or on specific needs they may have. For example, wanting to target a demographic an agency happens to specialize in. But, take a step back. Have you considered choosing an agency based on its creativity? Any advertising agency can tell you their team is creative, but saying it doesn’t make it so.  What does creativity do for you, as a client? It aids in strategic planning, the development of innovative ideas and unpredicted solutions to your business challenges. With a team like GDC, who is driven by creativity; strategic advertising and marketing becomes a visionary collaboration between clients, agency management and creative teams. It’s a shared effort that