MirrorBranding™: Defining your brand at the speed of the marketplace

MirrorBranding™ began as a solution to quickly and accurately articulate the DNA and external brand of companies as a true reflection of their audiences. The process moves at the speed of the market, is fully transparent and is actionable.

Following its launch, our clients realized that the process was also an effective way to articulate the DNA of their internal culture while providing a North Star for their leadership. So now, in addition to working with marketing teams to define go-to-market brand strategies, GDC is using MirrorBranding™ to assist Human Resources and People Teams in articulating and promoting the cultures and employer brands of companies across the country.

How MirrorBranding™ is different:

Takes weeks, not months
Fully transparent (you see the brand DNA emerge)
Completely actionable (delivers a roadmap to move forward)

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